In this small scale, cleanliness is a must. Here is the "cleaning kit" : A dedicated cleaning-loco, the epoch-making " Wettex-sleigh "and cut pieces of Wettex-cloth. The modded lead weight comes from the fishing industry, the loop is thus standard from the start!
The wettex-sleigh in all its glory, but the turnouts require manual intervention on the vital parts. As cleaning fluid I use chemically pure gasoline.

The Wettex-sleigh at first had a tendency to derail, especially in the very back of the long tunnels... That was remedied with a small modification of the couple on the locomotive. Right this poor pierced DB218-lok is thus doomed to a lifetime cleaning service ...

Current consumption at eight large wheels means forgiving running behaviours. The locomotive is able to muddle around in a rather overgrown path. A few turns with the sleigh and the traffic goes smoothly again. 

The Cleaning Express during emergency! By far the nicest cleaning chore at home!